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Carrie in the studio recording In God We Still Trust
Carrie in the studio recording In God We Still Trust

For Stacie, meeting Billy Graham’s daughter, Ann Graham Lotz, was a special blessing. She is a beautiful woman of faith
Carrie and Stacie were excited to be with Babbie Mason on her show, Babbie’s House
Stacie and Carrie with BOTT Radio founders Dick and Rich Bott, a dynamic father-son team in Christian radio
Carrie and Stacie were privileged to meet a true American hero, Col. Bud Day
Carrie in the studio recording In God We Still Trust
Chuck and Gina Norris, Carrie, Stacie, and Bob and Darla Vander Plaats
The sisters really enjoyed David Brody when he interviewed them for the Brody File and the 700 Club
Carrie and Stacie were honored to present a copy of In God We Still Trust to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Meese (President Reagan’s Attorney General)
Stacie and Carrie share on Fox and Friends on the FOX News Channel
Stacie enjoyed a special visit with Kay Arthur, founder of Precept Ministries
Stacie and Carrie on Monica Schmelter’s excellent show (Bridges) on CTN. Monica is a special friend to the girls.
While in Chicago, Carrie and Stacie were on Moody Radio with host, Mark Elfstrand
Known as the champion of the National Anthem, Stacie sings the Star Spangled Banner for the FRC
Stacie, Phyllis Schlafly, and Carrie in Washington, D.C.
Stacie and Carrie respect Rick Santorum. He even endorsed their patriotic album, In God We Still Trust
Sarah Palin said “Awesome!” after she heard Stacie sing God Bless America
Stacie and Carrie in NYC outside of FOX News
Stacie and Carrie singing “In God We Still Trust” for the governor of Iowa
Stacie recording in beautiful Indiana at Bill and Gloria Gaither’s studio
Carrie, Stacie, and Tony Perkins were honored to meet two veterans (married 67 years) who both served in WWII
Carrie and Stacie with Lt. General William Boykin, a man who has played a role in almost every recent major American military operation